Transfer Windows to SSD: Windows XP/Vista/Win7 Easy Transfer Software

When you upgrade the hard drive you have to do lots of preparations. One of the most important preparations is to transfer Windows to external device like a solid state drive from HDD to SSD. To transfer Windows to SSD, you should insure the completeness and the security of operating system partition. Otherwise it will be a disaster for you computer. However, this work is such a headache to computer users. Third party software gives you a shortcut to transfer Windows. As an OS migration tool, Aomei Partition Assistant deals with this problem very well through substantive test.

How to transfer Windows to SSD with Aomei Partition Assistant?

Here is the situation: you have an 8G partition C, a 92G partition D and a 100M partition E and run a Windows 7 (32bit). You want to transfer Windows to SSD (64G). Aomei Partition Assistant Home Editionis free of charge. You can just download SSD disk management tool and follow the steps:

Step 1: Launch Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition. In the main interface click "Wizard" in the toolbar and choose "Migrate OS to SSD" in the drop down list.


Step 2: Then a window pops up, click "Next" button. In the nest window, choose unallocated space in the solid state drive as the destination space. Then click "Next".

Choose destination space

Step 3: After clicking "Next", you can adjust the partition by dragging the slider or input number. Click "Next".

Adjust destination partition

Step 4: When the note window comes out, read it over and click "Finish".

Note window

Step 5: Then there will be a partition F (copy of Windows) created on the solid state drive. Never miss clicking "Apply" in the toolbar to proceed all the operations, or all the changes will not be saved.


The specialized feature –"Migrate OS to SSD" is like a timely rain in the drought for the users who want to transfer Windows to SSD. It can search the operating system files automatically and transfer intact operating system to a solid state drive. Through this way, it saves you so much time and vigor. Composed of a serial feature like resize partition, move partition, merge partition, etc, Aomei Partition Assistant can not only transfer Windows to SDD but also can manage the disk space to optimize performance.