Transfer OS to SSD with Aomei Partition Assistant: Easy transfer software for OS

How to transfer OS to SSD (solid state drive) is a hot thread in most forums. Although a lot of methods are provided most of them turn out to be either awkward to handle or unfeasible. Aomei Partition Assistant, as a professional partition manager, which is availabel to move sytem to SSD, can solve this problem. With "Migrate OS to SSD" feature, Aomei Partition Assistant can automatically search the system files in your partition to make a whole copy of your operating system. It performs well in the Windows-based system involving Windows xp/vista/win 7.

How to move Windows to SSD with Partition Assistant?

Supposing you have got a computer which runs windows 7 (32 bit) with three partitions in the hard drive: partition C (system), partition D (new volume), partition E (system reserved). You have a solid state drive (64G) and system partition is approximately 8G. You try to transfer OS to SSD. To complete this task with Aomei Partition Assistant, you should choose the right edition. Download Partition Magic free migration toll - Aomei partition Assistant Home Edition in advance. Then you can get down to transferring system from HDD to SSD.

At first, open Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition you installed. Click "Wizard" in the toolbar to get the option of "Migrate OS to SSD". After choosing "Migrate OS to SSD", click "Next".

Then, choose unallocated space in the solid state drive to create a partition of the operating system copy and click "Next".

Choose unallocated space as destination partition

Next, you can drag the slider in the frame to adjust the size of the destination partition on solid state drive. Then click "Next".

Adjust partition

Then, there is a note window popping up, read the note carefully before clicking "Finish".

Read the note before clicking

In the end, when you read over the note and clicked "Finish", it will go back to the main console. Remember to click "Apply" to save all the operations you have done.


With "Migrate OS to SSD" feature, you can utilize Aomei Partition Assistant to transfer OS to SSD or new hard drive. You can also use Aomei Partition to resize partition, move partition, copy partition, etc to realize a comprehensive optimization of hard drive. Handy Aomei Partition Assistant is easy-operating and time-saving. Don't miss it!