Windows Move Shortcut: Move Windows to SSD with Aomei Partition Assistant

There always be sometime you want to clone or move operating system partition from HDD to SSD. But you have lots of data in it and you don't want to spend time on the consuming installing work. This pushes you into a dilemma. Is there a shortcut to do such kind of work? Let me illustrate how to move Windows to SSD with the maneuverable Partition Assistant. Through "Migrate OS to SSD" feature, the software can search OS in your hard drive automatically and migrate it with just several clicks.

How to move Windows to SSD with Partition Assistant?

If you have a hard drive consisting of two partition-partition C (35.9G) and partition E (100M), runs Windows 7 ultimate. And you have got a 128G SSD. You try to move system to SSD. Download SSD disk management software - Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition which is free. Here is the procedure:

  1. Click "Wizard" in the toolbar to invoke the "Migrate OS to SSD" feature. Then click "Next" to continue.

  2. After clicking "Next", in the coming window choose the unallocated space on SSD as the destination Space and click "Next".
    Choose destination space

  3. Then adjust the size of the partition on the SSD by dragging the endpoint or input number in the box.
    Adjust partition

  4. After adjusting the size of the partition, click "Next". Then coming to a note, read it carefully to learn how to boot OS from SSD. Click "Finish" to go back to the main console.
    Note window

  5. In the main console, you will find a partition F which is the copy of Windows. Click "Apply" in the toolbar to proceed pending operations.

With this shortcut to move Windows to SSD, it will save you plenty of time. Through the diagrams above, you can see Aomei Partition Assistant suits everyone because of its easy-operating console and graphical interface. It is compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows-based operating system. Except "Migrate OS to SSD", other common feature includes "Resize Partition", "Move Partition", "Copy Partition", etc. All these features serve to optimize your partition. It is a good assistant for your disk management.