Free Move OS to SSD Software Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition

As more and more people buy solid state drive, the usage of it extends to primary system disk. Many people have the idea of moving system to SSD. But most methods can not realize it easily without losing data. This makes the moving task not only time-consuming but also unsafe. Eventually, Aomei Partition Assistant comes as the savior. Without worrying about the operation and data safety, the handy software can move OS to SSD in just a few minutes. The built-in wizard- "Migrate OS to SSD" is your good assistant!

The introduction to move OS to SSD with Aomei Partition Assistant

Suppose you have a solid state drive namely SSD which is 64G and three partitions in you hard drive. Your computer runs windows 7 ultimate (32 bit). Windows 7 always creates a system partition and a system reserved partition. Partition C is the system partition which is 8.15G and partition E is the system reserved partition which is 100M. You want to move OS to SSD to speed up your system. Choose the right edition to get free disk management download - free edition – Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition.

Step 1: Open the main console, click "Wizard" in the toolbar and select "Migrate OS to SSD" option.


Step 2: After clicking "Next", choose the unallocated space on the solid state drive (disk 2) as destination space. Then click "Next".

Choose destination space

Step 3: Next, you can specify the size of the partition in disk 2 by dragging the slider or input the number into the box and click "Next".

Adjust the partitione

Step 4: Then you will get a note, read it carefully before clicking "Finish".

Read the note

Step 5: after clicking "Finish", it will get back to the main console and you will see partition F (the copy of operating system). Never forget to click "Apply" in the toolbar to proceed the pending operations. Then click "Proceed" > "Yes".

Through all the words above, you can see how Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition makes the complex (move OS to SSD) simple. Besides, Aomei Partition Assistant is good at resizing, moving, merging partition. As a disk partition manager, Aomei Partition Assistant contains a comprehensive range of features. More information, please visit SSD VS HDD!