Migrate Windows to SSD Easily –Partition Assistant Windows Migration Tool

SSD, sometimes called solid state drive or solid state disk, uses flash memory as the storage medium. It has faster access speed and lower latency. It is portable and less susceptible to physical shock. Compared with traditional magnetic disk such as hard drive disk or floppy disk, it is more suitable for Windows system disk. So more and more people desire to migrate Windows to SSD. But it is not as easy as normal copy. You need to copy all the files and the file structure in Windows. Frequently, it appears warnings during the process. The third party software, such as Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition, which is free of charge, is my proposal. Partition Assistant Windows migration tool –"Migrate OS to SSD" is competent to this work.

How to migrate Windows to SSD with Windows migration tool?

Suppose you have a PC running Windows 7 ultimate (32 bit). In your hard drive there are two partitions: partition C (36G) for system, partition E (100M) for system reserved. And you get a new SSD (128G). Now you want to migrate Windows to SSD. Just in five steps, you can achieve the goal with ease. Download SSD disk manager and open it.

  1. In the main console, click "Wizard" in the toolbar and choose "Migrate OS to SSD".

  2. After choosing "Migrate OS to SSD", click "Next" to continue. Then you will see a window to choose destination space. Choose the unallocated space in the disk 2 (SSD) and click "Next".
    Choose destination space

  3. In the next window, you can adjust partition F (copy of Windows) in SSD by dragging the endpoint or input number in the box. Click "Next" after adjusting is over.
    Adjust partition F

  4. Then a note window pops up, read it carefully to learn how to boot OS from SSD. Click "Finish" to go back to the main console.
    Read the note

  5. In the main console, the change of migrating operating system to SSD has been added to pending operations. Don't forget to click "Apply" in the toolbar to save all the changes.

Partition assistant Windows migration tool is convenient and fast to migrate HDD to SSD. There is no need to choose system partition because it can search for OS (Windows) automatically and succeed to migrate Windows to SSD with ease. Aomei Partition Assistant is a comprehensive software with serial features. The main features include "Resize Partition", "Move Partition", "Merge Partition", "Split Partition", etc. All the features contribute to optimize your partition. With graphical interface and easy operations, you can handle disk management all by yourself without worry!