Make Windows Fast Copy Easy Copy Software to Copy windows to SSD

How can you copy Windows to SSD? First, you should make sure that the unallocated space in SSD, also known as solid state drive, is large enough to contain the operating system. You can clean the trash to shrink the size of the windows. Then you must learn the solutions to copy Windows to SSD. It is a time-consuming process. After that, you have to check if the copy is bootable. If not what you have done is just a waste of time. Without Windows migration tool, it is indeed a difficult work although you are a computer wiz. When Aomei Partition Assistant was released, making a Windows fast copy is never a castle in the air.

Guide to make Windows fast copy with Aomei Partition Assistant

Take Windows 7 as an example: normally, there are two partitions: system partition and system reserved partition. Let's say partition C (system partition) is 35.9G with 6.82G used and partition E (system reserved) is 100M. You get a new SSD (128G) and you want to copy Windows to SSD. For Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition is free so that most users can accept, this is the recommended edition. Now download Partition Magic altertative andlaunch it.

Step 1:In the top layer of main console, you will see the wizards. Click it and choose "Migrate OS to SSD".

Step 2: After a window pops up, click "Next". Then you can choose the destination space – the unallocated space on SSD. Click "Next" to adjust the partition size.

Select disk space

Step 3: Now you can see a frame of partition F (the copy of operating system). Put the pointer on the right endpoint until it changes to a two-way arrow. Then drag it to adjust the size of the partition.

Adjust partition

Step 4: After adjusting size, click "Next". Now you come to a note Window. The note introduces how to boot OS from SSD drive, so read it over.

Read the note

Step 5:When you finish reading the note click "Finish". Now it comes back to main console, you can see the result graphically. Remember to click "Apply" in the toolbar or all your effort will be lost.


This is the main operations to copy Windows to SSD. After you finish copying, you can also use Aomei Partition Assistant to manage your hard drive or your partition. For example, you can extend and shrink partition with "Resize Partition"; you can move partition, merge partition or copy partition and so on. More information abot the difference between HDD and SSD!