Simple Copy Windows to Another Hard Drive with Free Software

To achieve more wonderful performance, many people upgrade their computer or hardware. At the same time, windows copy problem follows. Copy and paste directly does not work and cloning Windows is not a simple matter. How to copy Windows xp/vista/Win7 to another hard drive with ease?

As a disk partition manager, Partition Assistant can be your choice. Partition Assistant Home Edition is the SSD migration tool compatible with Windows xp/vista/Win7/Win8. You can use its "Copy Partition" to copy windows from HDD to SSD easily. Besides, Partition Assistant supports to resize partition SSD, move partition SSD, convert NTFS to FAT, etc to optimize your disk partition.

Copy Windows with Partition Assistant

Symptom: Partition C (system) is 8.15G in your computer. Now you have a SSD which is 128G. You want to copy partition C to SSD. The main operations are like this:

Step 1: Choose the right edition to download. Partition assistant home edition is free. So you can take a shot.

            Launch Partition Assistant Home Edition, right click partition C and choose "Copy Partition".


Step 2: Select partition copy method, click "Next".
            There are two copy methods provided:

  • Copy Partition Quickly: only copy the used space of the partition, and support to resize partition by during the copy process.
  • Sector-by-Sector Copy: copy all sectors of the partition to another disk, no matter it is used or not.
Select partition copy method

Step 3: Choose destination space and click "Next".

Select destination space

Step 4: In the pop up window, you can adjust the size of the destination partition. For example: drag the left toolbar rightwards to extend the partition.

Adjust destination partition

Step 5:Click "Apply" > "Proceed" > "Ok" to save all the changes.



When you choose "Copy Partition Quickly" there should be unallocated space in the destination partition equal or more than used space in the source partition.
When you choose "Sector-by-Sector Copy" there should be unallocated space in the destination partition equal or more than the source partition.
During the process, the computer needs to be restarted to complete these operations in the PreOS mode. Dowmload SSD disk mangement tool - Partition Assist to maintain your SSD.