Copy OS to SSD Easily: Aomei Partition Assistant Manages to Free Copy OS to SSD

With the progress of science and technology, electronic industry has been in a rapid development. To pursue a better performance, people usually upgrade their hard drive. During the process, they may need to do some copy work, such as copy OS to SSD. As we all know, operating system files can not be directly copied unless you use third party software. Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition is such freeware to do you a favor to move system to SSD.

How to copy OS to SSD (solid state drive) with Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition?

Imaging you run windows 7 in the computer which consists of three partitions: partition C (8G), partition D (92G) partition E (100M). Partition C is the system partition. Now you need to copy OS to SSD. Aomei Partition Assistant can work under windows xp/vista/win7/win8. So you can download Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition (recommend) and open it in your operating system. Procedure in detail is as follows:

Step 1:In the main console, click "Wizard" in the toolbar. In the option list, choose "Migrate OS to SSD".


Step 2: In the pop up window choose unallocated space on disk 2 which is the solid state drive and click "Next".

Choose destination space

Step 3: Then you can adjust the size of the partition on disk 2 by dragging the right slider leftwards to shrink and rightwards to extend. After adjusting click "Next" > "Finish".

Adjust the partition

Step 4: Next, read the note on the board carefully and click "Finish".

Adjust the size of the partition

Step 5: When it go back to main console, you will see partition F (the copy of OS) is on disk 2. Don't forget to click "Apply" in the toolbar.

Now, you can see the copy of partition C in the solid state drive which you can boot your operating system from. From the diagram, we can see how Aomei Assistant makes it simple to copy OS to SSD. In order to optimize the management of partition, Aomei Partition Assistant is equipped with a lot of practical features such as resize, move, copy partition, etc. "Resize Partition" serving to extend or shrink partition is the most popular feature, especially when you extend your system partition. Learn more about HDD VS SSD here.