How to Split SSD Partition with Partition Assistant?

When operating system is transferred from HDD to SSD it creates a partition with equal size to the original OS partition. Usually, this partition almost occupies all the space in SSD. If you need another partition you have to spit SSD into two partitions. Disk manager in windows can not solve this problem. So you can resort to third partition software like Partition Assistant to manage SSD. By the way, Partition Alignment can align partition during splitting process.

How to split SSD with Partition Assistant?

E.g.: You have partitioned your SSD into a whole partition which consume all the space. Now you want to split SSD into two partitions and align the partition correctly. Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition can align partition SSD while split it. It is my proposal for no charge. Select the right edition and download. Step-by-step introduction as below:

Step 1: Select the partition in SSD and right click it in the main interface. Choose "Split Partition" in the option list.


Step 2: In the pop-up window adjust the size of the partitions by dragging the slider or specify the number in the box. Then you can click "Advanced" to set partition alignment. After alignment, the partition it split out is aligned correctly.

Adjust the size of the partitions

Step 3: After clicking "Advanced", an option appears. Tick this option to align the partition and click "Ok".

Step 4: Then it will go back to the main interface and you can preview the changes graphically. To save all these changes, never forget to click "Apply".


It is so easy to split SSD partition with aligning in Aomei Partition Assistant. You can also create and resize aligned partition with the partition alignment tool. If you just want to align partition, right click the partition then you can find "Partition Alignment" in "Advanced". More partition management support in Aomei Partition Assistant!

Now you manage to partition SSD with aligned correctly. With user-friendly interface, you can get used to partition management easily. Aomei Partition Assistant provides a serial feature like resize, move, split partition, etc. You can find solutions in it when you meet with partition issues.