How Can I Resize Partition SSD Simply?

For many large SSD users, they would like to make ssd partitions in order to make files and operations sequential after migrating HDD to SSD. Disk management in Windows is available to create, extend or shrink partition but there are some limitations, for example, there must be unallocated space after the partitioning when you want to extend it. For SSD, extra operations are the consumption of its longevity. With Aomei Partition Assistant, it is not so difficult for you. It can resize partition SSD including extend or shrink with just few clicks without data loss. Besides, it provides partition alignment tool during resizing partition to improve performance in SSD.

Resize partition SSD with Aomei Partition Assistant

Symptom: You have got a 128G SSD on hand and one half is a 36G partition F and another is 92G unallocated space. You intend to extend partition F to occupy all the space in SSD. To resize partition SSD my best advice is Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition. It is free and practical. Download and give a shot!

First, open and right click partition F in SSD. Choose “Resize Partition”.

Choose Resize Partition

Second, extend partition F in the pop up window. Put the pointer on the slider until it turns to a two-side arrow and dragging it rightward to the end or specify number in the box.

Extend partition F

Third, to align partition F, you can click “Advanced”. After clicking “Advanced” an option merges. Tick it to align partition F and click “Ok”.

Align partition F

Fourth, when it goes back to the main console, you can preview the operations. After confirming all the changes, don’t forget to click “Apply” > “Proceed” > “Ok” to save them.


As alignment is significant to SSD, this freeware combines resize partition SSD with partition alignment tool to achieve excellent performance in SSD. With Aomei Partition Assistant, you can deal with SSD management issues all by yourself with ease like resize, move, split and so on.