What Is the Best Way to Partition SSD (Solid State Drive)?

Some people may encounter this kind of situation: when they get a large size SSD they partition it. After a period of time they find that it is not fast as reported and even slower. How does this happen? Alignment is the answer. Usually SSD users don’t concern or even don’t know alignment when they partition SSD. If SSD is not properly aligned the amount of read-write operations will be increased. Thus the performance and longevity are greatly influenced. So you need a partition tool which can align partition correctly. This kind of SSD partitioning tool is owned by Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition. The only free partition tool with alignment feature is designed for SSD.

Guide to partition SSD with Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition

Suppose you want to partition SSD which has a size of 128G. The idea is that one 64G partition is for OS and another 64G partition is for data. Download Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition in advance and operate like below:

Step 1: After installing, open it with SSD connected to computer. Right click unallocated space in the SSD and choose "Create Partition”.


Step 2: Set the size of the partition with 64G by inputting number into the box or dragging the slider.

Set the size for partition F

Step 3: After setting is done, click "Advanced” to align the partition. Tick the "SSD partition alignment” option with the default number and click "Ok” to add the operation to pending operations.

Align SSD partition

Step 4: Then it comes back to the main console. You can see a partition F which is aligned correctly and unallocated space. Then do the same to create a partition for data with the unallocated space.

The created Partition F

Step 5: when all the creating work is finished, you can see partition F and partition G have been created. Don’t forget to click "Apply” in the toolbar to proceed pending operations.


Now you manage to partition SSD with aligned correctly. With user-friendly interface, you can get used to SSD management easily. Aomei Partition Assistant provides a serial feature like resize, move, split partition, copy data from HDD to SSD, etc. You can find solutions in it when you meet with partition issues.