Is There Partition Merge Freeware to Merge Unallocated Space into Partition in SSD?

SSD can be used for different purposes for its great performance which can be proved in HDD VS SSD. For some SSD which has a high capacity, it is usually divided into partitions for various functions, for example, boot partition, data partition, and so on. When people create partition they may also leave some unallocated space in the end. As operations increase their partition schedule seems not so reasonable for one partition may under low space warning but there is still unallocated space. The idea to merge unallocated space into the low space partition crosses their mind. However, disk management in Windows can not do it because the unallocated space is not behind the partition they want to extend. Is there partition merge freeware to merge unallocated space into partition in SSD? The answer is yes. Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition holds this feature. Let me show you how easily it deals with SSD management.

Merge unallocated space into partition with Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition

Sample:There are three partitions in your SSD: partition F (100M) for system reserved, partition G (35.8G) for system and partition H (152.21G) for data. In the end of SSD, there is a 67.58G unallocated space. Your plan is to merge unallocated space into partition G to extend the system partition. Download Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition and get down to it step-by-step.

Step 1: After installing, launch Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition. Right click partition G and select "Merge Partition".


Step 2: In the pop up windows, tick unallocated space and choose partition G as the target partition. Then click "Ok" to go back to the main console.

Merge unallocated space into Partition G

Step 3: You can check your operations in the interface and remember to click "Apply" in the toolbar to save all the changes.


With this merge tool, you can merge unallocated space into a partition or one partition to another partition. Besides, Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition contains other tools like "Resize Partition", "Split Partition", "Copy Partition", etc. It is compatible with both 32bit and 64 bit Windows based operating system including Windows Xp/ Vista/Windows 7 (sp1 supported). It is totally free for download.