Merge SSD Partitions: Aomei Partition Assistant Optimize SSD Management

Once in a while users like to divide their SSD into two partitions (one for OS and another for data). However, long after they create these two partitions they realize that partition OS leaves less and less space while partition data is almost empty. They change mind and intend to merge SSD partitions. Disk management in windows can not achieve this goal easily and you may loss data during the operations. But with merge feature in Aomei Partition Assistant, it is a totally safe and simple work for you. You can download the free edition: Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition to manage SSD!

How to merge SSD partitions with Aomei Partition Home Edition?

Sample: There is a partition F (67.44G) and a partition G (60.56) in your SSD. Partition G is almost empty and not usually used. Now you intend to merge SSD partitions into one. Follow the operations below:

First, launch Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition and right click partition F. Choose "Merge Partition" in the option list.


Second, tick partition G in the board and choose partition F as the target partition. Then click "Ok".

Merge partition

Third,after clicking "Ok", it returns to the main console. You can preview the result graphically. Remember to click "Apply" to save all the changes.

When all these are done partition F changes into a bigger one which consumes all the space in SSD. This is the simple procedure to merge SSD partitions. Except merging partitions, Aomei Partition Assistant contains features like "Resize Partition", "Move Partition", "Copy Partition" and so on. All these features are easy-operating and time-saving. learn more about HDD VS SSD.