Simply Resize Partition on a SSD Disk: Partition Assistant Free Resize ssd partition

To pursue a better performance, many people prefer to move their data even system files from HDD to SSD (solid state drive). After a period of time, most of them may meet with this situation: one of the partitions is almost out of space but another is almost empty. So here comes the issue, how can we easily resize (extend/shrink) partition SSD? Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition which is free can help to manage ssd partition with just a few clicks.

Resize ssd partition with Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition

I have a 128G SSD with two partitions in it. The partition F with OS in it is only 8G and partition G is 120G. Partition F is under low space warning and partition G is empty. I want to extend partition F to 20G. Now, the operations you should take to resize ssd partition are as follows:

Firstly, launch Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition and right click the partition G on the SSD (solid state drive).Then choose "Resize Partition" in the option list.


Secondly, drag the left slider rightwards to shrink partition G to create unallocated space behind the partition. Then click "Ok".

Shrink partition G

Thirdly, right click partition F and choose "Resize Partition".

Resize partition F

Fourthly, in the pop up window, drag the right slider rightwards to extend partition F or input the number in the partition size frame. Click "Ok".

Extend partition F

Fifthly, after clicking "Ok", it will go back to the main console. Don’t forget to click "Apply" in the toolbar or your operations will be invalid. Then click "Proceed" > "Yes".

Then you will see partition F is extended to 20G. This is how "Resize Partition" works. Except resize partition, Aomei Partition Assistant provides move partition, merge partition, copy partition to help you optimize your computer.