Create Partition SSD along with Aligning Partition with Partition Assistant

It is easy to create partition SSD for most of us when you migrate HDD to SSD. But if you want to create a partition in SSD which is aligned correctly in windows Xp, you might do some troublesome work. The partition created under operating systems before Vista is not aligned properly. And this will cause great degradation in SSD performance especially when used as boot drive. How to create partition in SSD with aligned correctly? Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition can accomplish it for you. With SSD mangement tool added into "Create Partition" feature, you can create correctly-aligned partition conveniently.

How to create partition SSD with Partition Assistant?

E.g.: You have bought a brand-new SSD which is 128G and you plan to use it as a boot drive. Now you want to create a partition for operating system. My proposal is the freeware: Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition.

Step 1: After installing, launch it and right click SSD (disk 2) in the main interface. Choose "Create Partition".


Step 2: Then you can specify the size of the partition, choose drive letter and file system. To specify the size you can input number or drag slider.

Specify partition

Step 3: After setting the partition, click "Advanced" to align partition. When you click "Advanced" there will be a "SSD partition alignment" option. Tick it and click "Ok".

Step 4: After clicking "Ok", it return to the main console. Check the operations and click "Apply" to make all the changes take effect.

With Aomei Partition Assistant, you can create partition SSD along with aligning partition under Windows Xp/Vista/win 7. You can also align partition during resize and split operations. As an all-in-one software, Partition Assistant consists of "Resize Partition", "Move Partition", "Split Partition", etc. Once get never regret!