SSD Maintenance: SSD Partition Alignment Contributes to Optimal Performance


SSD also called solid state drive which uses solid state memory to store data excels in read-write speed. In HDD vs SSD, SSD is silent and less susceptible to physical shock. Therefore, it is regarded as the substitute for conventional HDD. As SSD are widely used in various fields SSD maintenance becomes prevalent. SSD partition alignment is one of the most important maintenances.

What is partition alignment?

The partition consists of clusters and the storage device is divided in to sectors. If the partition start corresponds with the first sector start thus one cluster matches along with, for example two sectors. When data is read from one cluster, two sectors will be read by storage device. In this situation, the read operation does not cross clusters and the amount of read-write is minimal. The speed of the data operation is as fast as possible.

What is the problem of misalignment in SSD?

The traditional drive appears with 512b sectors while most modern SSD drives are composed of 4096 bytes page size, stimulating 4K sectors. All operating systems before Vista create volume clusters by an element of 512 bytes. They align partition start to 512b sectors not to 4K sectors. They usually create partition indented 63 sectors at the start. In this way, the partition is misaligned. Each read will cross clusters and the read-write times will be multiplied twice. The whole SSD performance turns out to be upgraded. Now you need partition alignment tool to do SSD maintenance.

How to achieve SSD partition alignment with Partition Assistant?

SSD partition alignment tool can shifts some amount of sectors to achieve alignment. Aomei Partition Assistant contains this kind of tool. With the free edition- Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition, you can have a try! Partition F in SSD is misaligned. Follow the operations to align it:

  1. Open Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition and right click partition F. Choose "Advanced" > "Partition Alignment" in the drop-down list.

  2. In the pop up window set the sector to default sector (2048) and click "OK".
    Set the sector

  3. Then back to the main console, you can preview the result of the operations. At last, don't forget to click "Apply" to save all the changes.


  1. Aomei Partition Assistant can check the state of SSD partition alignment. If partition is aligned correctly a note will pop up. >>> check the state of alignment
  2. When you create, split or resize partition, you can do partition alignment simultaneously. >>> alignment during create, split or resize