Partition Assistant SSD Alignment Tool Realign Partition to Improve SSD Performance

To upgrade the performance of their operating system people like to use SSD as their boot drive. After a period of time, they realize that the performance of OS declines. What does this happen? How to solve it?

Many modern solid state drives have a 4096 bytes or larger internal memory page size according to 4K size parallel to 4K sectors. When you copy or transfer OS from HDD to SSD with certain software, the partition created will be misaligned. If partition is misaligned SSD storage device has to read data by crossing 4K sectors. In this case, the amount of read-write operations will be multiplied twice. Thus the system overall performance will be degraded. SSD alignment tool in Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition can realign Partition to improve SSD performance. Download it and have a try!

How to use SSD alignment tool in Aomei Partition Assistant?

Symptom: You have copied your OS partition (36G) to SSD which you want to use as the boot drive with certain software. It turns out to be aligned improperly. With the misalignment of the OS partition, the speed of access now becomes slow. To improve SSD performance you have to realign partition F. Below is the simple process of realignment with SSD alignment tool:

Firstly, choose the partition F. Right click it and select "Advanced" > "Partition Alignment".


Secondly, a window pops up and you can set partition alignment to the default sector in the pull-down list. Then click "Ok".

Set partition alignment to sector

Thirdly, then you can preview the operations in the main console. Don't forget to click "Apply" to save all the changes.


Back up your data before alignment. SSD alignment tool in Aomei Partition Assistant can make alignment not only in SSD but also in hard drive. At the same time of alignment you can resize (extend /shrink) or move partition. It is easy to operate and safe for your system.