Partition Alignment – Partition Assistant Accelerates SSD System Performance


SSD is much faster in accessing speed than traditional hard drive, which is proved in HDD VS SSD. For this, it is considered the best alternative drive of operating system. As the system drive, SSD plays an important part in the whole computer system. The performance of SSD directly influences the running of the computer. If the partition configuration is improper in SSD, it will decline overall performance of system and the longevity of itself.

What is Partition Alignment?

When data is stored on a drive, it involves two layers – physical layer and logical layer. The partition consists of many clusters which is the physical layer. To make it simple, display a diagram for explanation:

In this diagram you can see the partition posses all the drive space. The partition start matches along with the first sector start. When the storage device proceeds one read operation it will read data from one cluster correspondingly from two sectors. This diagram is just a miniature. Normally, one cluster corresponds with much more sectors. As showed in the diagram, the cluster start matches along with the first sector start and each cluster is aligned with sectors. Thus the partition is aligned. The performance of file system is maximized.

How does misalignment influence SSD system?

Most of the modern SSD drives contain a memory size of 4096 bytes or larger according to 4K size. When the partition is shifted from the drive start on one 512b sector, all logical clusters will be linked with two physical 4K sectors like below:

In this way, it will multiply the read-write time twice. With the decline of access, the performance of SSD degrades. Eventually, the operating system becomes slower when SSD is used as boot drive. The whole performance of computer declines.

What Partition Assistant can do to accelerate SSD system performance?

The upgraded feature partition alignment can check alignment of the SSD partition and align partition correctly. Suppose there is a partition F which is the boot partition in SSD and it is misaligned. To align it correctly you can do like this:

Launch Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition and select partition F. Right click it and choose "Advanced" > "Partition Alignment".


Set partition alignment to the default sector and click "Ok".

Set sector

Click "Apply" > "Proceed" > "Ok" to complete the task. Otherwise all the changes you have done will be lost.

Aomei Partition Assistant adds this feature to "Resize Partition", "Create Partition" and "Split Partition". The same operation provides more management. More information about Aomei Partition Assist, download it to try out!