A Powerful Partition Alignment Tool Resize Partition Upgraded with SSD Alignment

As the solid state drive accelerates read-write speed and lowers the latency, it is widely used as boot disk. It offers an excellent enjoyment of system performance when SSD are aligned. Some people like to create a partition for system in a large SSD. Because of some improper operations or the applications of some software to move data from HDD to SSD, system partition encounters with misalignment issue, which is disadvantageous to the performance and longevity of SSD. The upgraded partition alignment tool in Aomei Partition Assistant is customized for this problem. Free Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition will give you a new experience. Download now!

How to align SSD with Partition alignment tool?

Symptom: The operating system partition on SSD has been misaligned. You want to realign it to improve the performance of file system. Here partition F is the OS partition. To use partition alignment tool the operations are as follow:

First, launch Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition and choose partition F. Right click it and choose "Advanced > "Partition Alignment.


Second, in the pop up window, set partition alignment to the default sector.

Set sector

Third, after clicking "Ok, it comes back to the main console. To save all the changes, never forget to click "Apply.

The same update of partition alignment tool also goes with "Resize Partition, "Split Partition and "Create Partition meaning that you can align partition and create or split partition simultaneously. It is more time-saving and easy-operating. To learn more about partition management, download Aomei Partition Assistant.