Align SSD While Creating Partition: Striving for Excellent System Performance

When SSD came to our view we marveled at its read-write speed. It is regarded as the best OS container. To achieve excellent system performance, people transfer operating system from HDD to SSD. In the large solid state drive like 128G we can create partition for the OS. Operating systems before windows Vista can not create partition aligned. In addition, the usage of software or improper partitioning may result in misalignment. Misalignment does harm to access speed and SSD longevity. If we can create and align SSD partition simultaneously it will not only save much time but also upgrade system performance. Striving for better SSD performance, Aomei Partition Assistant adds SSD alignment tool to "Create Partition" Feature.

Tutorial to align SSD while creating partition

Suppose you have a 128G SSD and you want to create a partition for OS. Now you can use Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition (Free) to align SSD while create new partition. Download then do as follow:

Step 1: Launch Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition. In the main interface, right click unallocated space on SSD disk and choose "Create Partition".

Step 2: You can set the size of the partition by dragging the endpoint or input number into the box in the pop-up window.

Set the size of the partition

Step 3: After setting partition size, click "Advanced". Then serial boxes emerge, tick "SSD partition alignment" with the default sector 2048. Then the partition start will be aligned rightly to the start of sector 2048. Click "Ok" to continue.

Align SSD partition

Step 4: It will go back to the main console when you click "Ok". The last operation that you can not forget is clicking "Apply" to proceed all the changes.

The SSD alignment tool in Aomei Partition Assistant is contained in "Create Partition", "Resize Partition" and "Split Partition". You can also invoke it from right click operation. It is placed in the "Advanced". Misalignment involving SSD/SAN/RAID or virtual environment can get support from Aomei Partition Assistant. More questions about SSD, please visit Aomei Partition Assistant!