SSD Partition Alignment Feature: Align SSD Partition to Improve SSD Performance

As is known for everyone, SSD excels in access speed. If not correctly aligned, it will produce exactly the opposite result.

Case 1: Operating system like windows xp or before creates sectors with 512 bytes. It usually places partition start with a 63 sectors indention by default. With the advent of modern hard disk drives which have an internal 4096byts physical sector size, the software can not be compatible to the storage device. Because the sector start does not match along with the partition start. In this way, the partition is not properly aligned. When reading data from the cluster, storage device will cross boundary to read from sectors. So the amount of read–write is doubled and the whole performance suffers degradation. This is even more serious for SSD.

Case 2: The use of software will change the alignment,for example when you migrate HDD to SSD, the alignent will be changed. When you use software to create or transfer a partition the partition which is aligned correctly will turn into misaligned. Then how to align SSD partition to improve SSD performance? The article below will introduce to you.

How to align SSD partition with Aomei Partition Assistant?

E.g.: You have used software to transfer your OS to partition F in SSD and it is improperly aligned. You want to align SSD partition. Aomei Partition Assistant holds a SSD partition alignment tool for this purpose. It also provides a serial features including resize partition, merge partition, split partition, etc. Download Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition which is free of charge. Follow the operations below:

I. Launch Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition and choose SSD partition (partition F). Right click partition F and choose "Advanced" > "Partition Alignment".


II. In the pop window, set partition alignment to default 2048 sector for private users. Thus the partition start can match along with the start of sector 2048 and all the clusters and sectors correspond to each other. Then click "Ok".

Set the sector

III. Then it goes back to main console and you can see the result to confirm all the operations. Click "Apply" or all the changes will be lost.


Step 4: It will go back to the main console when you click "Ok". The last operation that you can not forget is clicking "Apply" to proceed all the changes.

Just in case back up all your data before alignment. You can also align SSD partition while resize, create and split partition for partition alignment tool has joined into "Advanced" feature during these operations.