A powerful solution for partition alignment

As a new upgrading feature “Partition Alignment” from Partition Assistant, it could help you achieve partition alignment either on HDD or SSD to boost performance of your storage device.

Why select Partition Assistant?
  • Exclusive Partition software which integrate “Partition Alignment”
  • One-key “Partition Alignment”
  • Quick Partition Alignment

What’s the benefit of partition alignment

Partition alignment-a special skill for boosting performance of disk subsystems which has been forgotten by most computer users, however, in order to maximize the performance of SSD, do a complete partition alignment is necessary. Why should I do this? Just see it by yourself.

Before partition alignment

As you see, the partition is misalignment of logical partition sectors and actual physical sectors; therefore it will increase the read-write time twice. With the decline of access, the performance of SSD degrades. Eventually, the system becomes slower.

After partition alignment

When the partition has been alignment, the time spend on reading/writing data in storage device has been decreased, and speed-up the whole performance of loading files.